Here are some images I’ve taken as inspiration for my shoot, it’s a mixture of old, modern and androgynous pictures that I might try. 

Also some ideas for poses I might use.

In terms of location I’m going to a place called South Hill Park, an arts centre run in an old manor house. I really feel like it’s a place that will suit the look I’m going for in my images.

Looking back at the Vivienne Westwood images and the way they took those photos I might try something like that, but maybe in black and white. I’ll play around with it and see what I’m happy with.

I’ve decided to base my collection on the 1920s. I’ve always been attracted to that era and the dramatic change from the few years before. I really want to bring a slightly modern feel to the collection by perhaps doing more androgynous styling, and using more 20’s inspired dresses as opposed to actual 20’s dresses.

I’m starting to think about what I could do for my own collection.

"Take a minimum of 10 photographs of styled outfits/ garments combinations on a model of your
choice. Think about pose used (don’t make it too contrived) and think about the environment,
the background, the lighting etc as this will inform the mood.”

After the research done so far, I want to create a mood from the photos and style the photography to really bring the collection together. However I don’t want it to take away from the garments themsleves. 

I think I’m going to style it around an era because I think that’s a good basis for inspiration. I also am slightly limited to the number of clothes I can acquire.

This Bora Aksu collection which was shown at LFW yesterday is beautifully made and really caught my eye. I really love the use of layering and structure but with a really soft and beautiful edge.

I also really like the use of pastel colours. I just really like the look of the whole collection.

Fendi is another example of using accessories to bring a collection together. I loved that they made the models kind of an army with fur mohikans.

"Fur is Fendi, Fendi is fur". Karl Lagerfeld encapsulated this idea with the accessories as well as with the clothes.

Maison Martin Margiela is a classic example of how designers make a collection come together. They mask the models, perhaps to take attention away from the faces, to focus on the clothes. However in this collection they made it part of the collection with intricate embellishments and beading which I really like. 

Each mask took around 18 hours to make, with the fabric having to be made with a certain black fabric so the models can see.

"Vivienne Westwood enlists artist and photographer Jack Pierson to capture her Autumn/Winter 2013 campaign shot in Kew Gardens."

I really love the way this collection has been photographed. As well as the setting and the styling of the clothes, the borders on the photos are what brings the collection together. I think the background image enhances the theme of the shoot.

I’d really like to try something like this for when I put my collection together.

Sometimes the aspect of a collection that jumps out at you is colour. Here at Kenzo Autumn/Winter 2013/14, blues from pastels to deep midnight are the ongoing theme. I absolutely love this image (scanned from Elle) because you really get to see the collection as a whole, and in a setting which matches perfectly. The blue and gold architecture displays the garments really well.